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all the vampires were on holiday.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[31 Dec 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | reminiscent of the year ]

goodbye 2004

january;[let the termites eat our riches | bluebottle kiss] tennis season, went to melbourne for big day out etc and spent time with kyle and sam (my now housemate!), saw muse and the strokes three times in a week! oh! february; [trying your luck | the strokes] sam and i first jammed together, enroled in architecture at curtin and proceeded to build sandcastles on orientation day. march; [more than you wanted to know | the panics] started being a full-time uni student and met some excellent people, met brendan (who is now my housemate!) one autumn evening, saw bluebottle kiss & big heavy stuff who were both amazing! april; [agenda suicide | the faint] dropped out of uni because it was lame! and started my 3 month long search for a job, saw harry potter and got excited about how much all the actors had grown up, went to sharni's badge party, recieved a phonecall from my sister during radiohead in melbourne ♥ may;> [how to disappear completely | radiohead] i turned 18. one of the most depressing months of my life. june;[life of the party | something for kate] got a job at a chocolate shop! found out muse were touring later in the year. july; [menlo park | miles] moved out of home in hillarys and into a nice white-picketed house in north perth with sam and brendan! got another job at lincraft, sharni left for melbourne. august; [in other words | ben kweller] house warming party a month too late, found out working all the time is not that fun! september; [asleep | the smiths] work, work, work, see muse for the fourth time this year! sharni comes back from melbourne! i pass phase one of my license. october;[take you on a cruise ship | interpol] zoe moves to melbourne, i find my perfect jewish boy, except he is on tv - seth cohen! ♥ november; [best mixtape ever | side one] i recieve the best mixtape ever! ♥ chamberlain st party #2 = not fun times for me, i find love in napoleon dynamite! december;[title and registration | death cab for cutie] i saw the killers and they were 80s fun! celebrating the season of christmukkah, the best christmas memory ever involving lots of presents and the best of friends.

to celebrate the new year, i am making a new journal: frommytree
thankyou to all my (new and old) friends of 2004.
the year has been wonderful and its true that i'm not sure how next year could be better..
but i'm sure it will find a way!

♥ to you all.

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[24 Dec 2004|12:20pm]
ps: does mistletoe actually exist?
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[24 Dec 2004|11:15am]
[ mood | like a festive turkey ]

i am in the middle of making super christmukkah dinner for chamberlain st house! thanks to all those nth perth houses i walked past and stole fruit from on the way home from the shops. my fruit salad is yummy!!
i am excited about this festive long weekend!

i have a thought.
if apples appear to be the most common type of fruit, then why is the most common type of fruit flavouring strawberry? and why are peaches the most common type of canned fruit?? apple totally pones all of them.

last night the wednesday society rocked harder than.. erm..
they were really quite good and there was a largish crowd and i was drunken off two pints (oh dear) and played muse on the out-of-tune piano at the hydey and was a roadie and sam went through kfc drivethru on foot because we had no car.. it was altogether rather fun.


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[20 Dec 2004|08:27pm]
dear today,
you were kind of crap,
but i guess that was partly my fault.
because i was angry and sad at the same time.
and those two emotions combined together to make something not-so-pretty.

but its ok..
because i ate a pie from fibber mcgees.
and there are drums in our lounge room.
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[17 Dec 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | toasty in my neck region ]

i just came home from the moonlight cinemas in kings park.
we saw the life of brian. and there was moonlight.
we bought a ¼ of a watermelon (from the good-looking-boys-dewsons) and ate it with spoons.
and a bucket of wafer sticks which were quite untasty!
i have the best scarf in the world.
it is long and new-zealand-ish and kept me warm..

toasty toasty toasty.

during the day clare and i went to fremantle, which means that i got more of this done..

(christmas presents)

and purchased a cool 80s video..

(which i am currently watching)

in other news..
wednesday was so much fun!
and even though it sounds lame, the ride back home did make me feel infinite.
and i have a new jewish friend!

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[10 Dec 2004|08:28am]
[ mood | wake up sleepyhead ]

its the third day of extreme hotness and this makes me unhappy.
how am i meant to pretend its winter all year round in this weather?
so today me and kate are screenprinting.
and lets just say, i drew a picture of a lobster.
my sister is moving back home and she put all her crap into my old room.
this makes me unhappy once more.
i shouldn't really care so much.
but i do.

i'm so hardcore..
that i was caught air-drumming in my sleep two nights ago!

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what should i have for lunch today? [02 Dec 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | hungry like the wolf ]

yesterday i went and handed in my sister's centrelink forms because she is overseas and wants to continue recieving her free money and on the way i listened to some incredible music and watched an ambulance part traffic like a great sea and got cut off by a fellow pedestrian on an electric wheelchair!
damn him!
i had started to make a wallpaper dress for summer but i had to stop because when i get too frustrated i tend to ruin things!
and today i realised that it is now summer so there is much excitement to be had but at the moment the only movement is coming from the gate banging shut and the wind blowing through our empty letterbox and my stomach growling because ive got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots!

whatever you're selling - we don't want any!
..or something

and you know what?
im amped about 'monday antics', because if there are no antics planned already, then i have some things that i need to get done.
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would someone please call a surgeon? [26 Nov 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | lobster-iffic! ]

so starts the beginning of (one of the) BEST WEEKENDS EVER (!!!)

this is what makes it so exciting..

not having to work today + an exciting keyboard song + the panics + minimal saturday work in the morning + a free afternoon + a virtually plan-free saturday evening + church bells that ring on sunday morning + street festival + gryoscope + possibilities of corn on a stick (!) and other foods on sticks + the panics (on a sunday..) = (one of the) BEST WEEKENDS EVER (!!!) .. and i just made a lobster icon. oh sweetness.

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western armies (western armies) [16 Nov 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | i just ate a sausage (!!) ]

When you first meet Esther, I am sure it is the physical traits that strike you first. The amazing body, beautiful face, and incredible smile all capture your attention. From across a room you would notice her and you could not help but think about how beautiful she looks. She has all the physical traits to silence a room and make every guy in there do a "double take". Now I am not saying that Esther is perfect, no one is. Everyone has their flaws, even Esther. One of her flaws is that because Esther is so independent and confident she often flat out refuses to ask for help.

(seriously, i think we've discovered something very special here)


in other news:

i am making a lobster bag out of orange corduroy (this one is for tali)

would the person who keeps phoning me from their lame 'no number' phone stop it? becasue i am not appreciating it. too much suspense.

3 luna movies in almost as many days  !!! tomorrow is napoleon dynamite.

and i have almost finished my tafe portfolio. woo.

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[09 Nov 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy, i guess ]

i hate the beginning of the week.

saturday was fun.

and so was sunday, because clare and i saw rob mills in the flesh and he is even more beautiful in real life than on tv  *vomit*

and monday was ok because i only had to start work at 12.30 and i got rescued at nighttime and ate fudge and watched animal farm

and today was a little bit worse, because i had spare time and didnt feel like doing anything. so i sat there and felt unfinished.

i am starting to write again. and i am thirstier than usual. i have convinced myself that seth cohen is the perfect tv boy. and i want to stay awake until my eyes start to ache. (which is starting to happen). i am reading a book about scientific advancements in the ussr (written in the 60s) and there is a picture of a puppy's head transplanted onto a dogs head. this makes me feel uneasy. people keep telling me things that i think they shouldnt but secretly my head grows bigger..

tomorrow should be good again because i classify wednesday as 'mid-week', and it is always around mid-week that things start to pick up. and i also have the day off. so i can start my tafe portfolio. i will. i will. and i have ideas. so that helps.

ps. party.. here.. saturday..

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[01 Nov 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | writing without breathing ]

i just told sam i wouldnt do this but now i have i just want to say a whole lot of stuff about how i made the best mixtape i have ever made earlier today after being inspired by listening to the best one i have ever recieved with a song that makes me feel like i can do anything i want to right now and i don't need anyone else to make it feel worthwhile and because i still have at least 6 daylight hours of my first day off work in a long time left i think i will go and cut a big slice of watermelon to put in my backpack and then catch the bus and catch the train and immerse myself in music so i can only think in chords and lyrics and sit in the sunshine in a whildwind of thought and read something interesting and useless or something devastating and useful and feel better about not feeling angry or hurt today.

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[26 Oct 2004|08:26am]
[ mood | the ordinary is boring ]

this past week has come and gone without too much incident, but then again i am often wrong. work has shifted gears - from something that used to be ok, to something that i have to survive. i hate hate hate working. speaking of which, i received the portfolio requirements for fashion&textiles and they happen to be exactly the same as last year. hmm. i think i shall just reuse stuff.

being social 5/7 days deserves a pat on the back i think. and starting to care less about things that were previously important deserves something along those same lines.

this past week i didnt get as disgustingly drunk as last week (instead someone else stole that title) , sam was mistaken for my partner at a school-reunion-type 18th (something that we didnt care that much to clarify), i bought jeans that are attractive, and shoes to match, oh! and rem tickets,  i decided that for the time being material possesions can steal my affections until i get a little luckier (or something) and i have made commitments to make no less than 4 mixtapes (that will hopefully be a little more successful than the last)

so to keep me sane this week i have bright eyes to listen to, gyroscope to look forward to and quiet evenings to appreciate.

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[22 Oct 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | craving nacho-fun ]

today i had one of the most satisfying half hours of guitar playing i have ever experienced.
it made me excited.
tomorrow i will buy brown shoes.
and make a mixtape.
and hopefully give another one away.

now i eat nachos. mmm

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[17 Oct 2004|08:49pm]
i think that tomorrow will be a very good day.
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i need a new eiderdown [09 Oct 2004|03:04pm]
i think i've fallen in love.. with a cat.
she is sitting on my lap and purring.. <3

so, today i fianlly have my few hours of spare time for the week.
next week will be all work and little play. (it is our grand opening at lincraft.. woot. i hope there are balloons.)

today at the chocolate shop alix&i decided to make a lame christmas compilation to play in the store. so if anyone can suggest anything.. i've got a few things on my mind. ive decided to get into the holiday spirit this year - whatever that means. its more that i just want to see what it is like. go christmika!

so.. how about that election?..
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[02 Oct 2004|09:20am]
[ mood | lazy saturday ]

we have lots of bread in our house, so its like, no matter how much i eat, there is still lots of bread in our house.
last night sam&i went to eskimo joe. and it was really good. the line was scary. the lights inside made sam glow. and the boy with the same shoes as me was entertainment. thankyou for those conversations sam. they were good.
and the screaming girls werent too unsettling.
<3 to eskimo joe. (i dont care how lame that sounds)
yesterday at work, hayley&i were lucky enough to be the ones to set up the ikea bed. words cannot decribe the excitment we had at the prospect. and we stuffed up on the 3rd step!!! woo!
hmm. nothing much else to say.
i have applied for tafe.
i have today off work.
and no plans for the evening.
(which is a nice change)
the end.

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friday on my mind... [24 Sep 2004|08:28am]
[ mood | newly-found-enthusiasm ]

ive been thinking a lot about summer these past few weeks,

"i've been asleep for so long, now, let these games begin. invent the summer..."

whilst taking long walks to supermarkets and carrying all the groceries home.
and talking about bare feet and paddling pools.. i am not usually one to be so enthusiastic, but, this year has cast a happy glow over the season.
and so i propose to you all... we'll i'll suggest it and you guys can tell me what you think about..
having a spring bbq at our house next week on the monday public holiday.
(it makes me excited)

in other news.
all this week ive been very depressed about going to work. it is getting very routine (at both jobs). but wednesday brought quirky customers and cheered me up.. so i dont think today will be that bad at all..
and today is also the day i plan to give in my tafe application. so lets just hope i get in, otherwise...

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[21 Sep 2004|11:05am]
[ mood | a head full ]

i have developed a mysterious cough and i'm not sure where it has come from. i have also realised that there is a limit to how many days i can go without washing my hair (no matter how emo-boy-cool it looks). and that playing a song using only one finger at a time sounds much better. sleeping is hard to do when you are having restless dreams. and going to work is hard to do when you know that you would achieve much more if you could only crawl into a small space and be given some time to think. wednesdays seem more exciting when you are looking forward to going to see gyroscope at a dodgy venue. being pulled by a thread seems much more useful when you can see where you are headed. and waiting is the worst (worse than sleeping in a room full of boxes with no view of the full moon).

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[14 Sep 2004|07:38pm]
[ mood | thinking+writing ]

some notes to myself:

one: esther, stop doing things that you regret.
two: esther, stop doing things that make you feel ill. (see note one.)
three: esther, you will now eat food that is good for you. it will make you feel better, you will see.
four: be more enthusiastic. and thoughtful. and selfless. and exciting. and fun.
actually, become a better person.
five: esther, esther, esther..

buy a drum kit.

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[09 Sep 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | on the side of the road ]

i just read everyone's muse posts and they made me feel ill. i still can't (don't) really want to think about it. my memories do not really do them justice.
and also..
quite a few other good things have been happening lately.
x music-wise - muse, the datsuns and snowman make esther dance.
x driving-wise - i can drive, i can drive, i can drive.
x job-wise - a reasonable amount of work means that i can still stay in my pyjamas some days.
x house-wise - good, (i am thinking about moving my piano now)
x life-wise - everything is millhouse for now.
i won't complain this time.

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